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The University of Wisconsin has partnered with New Horizons of Wisconsin to provide high-quality, LIVE technology training to our students, faculty and staff. New Horizons is the world’s largest independent training company, helping to inspire individuals to become more productive and successful in their daily activities. New Horizons has trained over 30 million students in Applications, Technology, Project Management and Business Skills classes. All of the training they provide is live, fully interactive, and certified by the technology vendor.

This portal has been designed to allow you to quickly find courses based on your specific needs and schedule. From this portal, you can:

  • View outlines of course content, allowing you to determine the best specific class for you.
  • Choose the specific live class date that works best for your schedule.
  • Select course, course date, and purchase your class directly from this site.
  • Note that all classes listed are discounted specifically for the UW community.
  • Request information and personal support from our Madison-based team.
  • Learn more about our innovative, award-winning On-Line LIVE (OLL) training method.

For ANY questions or information please contact the UW-Training Specialist at 920-476-0081 or anne.riley@newhorizonswi.com. We are here to help you have a great, live training experience.

Course List

A few important notes:
The titles below were selected based on the most common needs of our University community. New Horizons delivers over 700 different, unique live classes, so if you don’t find the exact course you want, contact our dedicated account representative for assistance.

Most of the classes listed follow a consistent price model, but you will notice that occasionally there are registrations available for Applications classes at a reduced rate of $75.00 per day (for one day course- two day course discount $150.). These classes are designed to accommodate students who have more scheduling flexibility for these lower-cost classes to run. The topics covered during these classes are the same as the other classes listed. Unlike our OnLine Live classes that are guaranteed to run, these reduced rate classes must have at least 9 students enrolled before the class will be delivered.

The majority of the versions you will find on this portal are for 2013 releases. New Horizons offers training in 2012, 2010, 2008, 2007, and many other software versions. Just contact Anne Riley, and we will assist you in scheduling your preferred version. New Horizons provides the same discounted costing structure to the UW community for these versions as well.

In order to guarantee these highly discounted rates, each individual must register or reference a University of Wisconsin e-mail account. You may use a personal email for class login, but a UW email is required to confirm your university affiliation.

What is this OLL Thing?

On-Line LIVE (OLL) provides the same high-quality live tech instruction as the traditional classroom, but with the benefits and convenience of the web. We have solved many of the traditional challenges that training used to have in the old-style classroom setting by using the internet to facilitate LIVE training and learning. Our process, named On-Line Live (OLL), combines the value of a live, instructor-led class with the convenience and efficiency of web-enabled learning.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you will experience:

  • Every class is a live, completely interactive real-time training experience.
  • You can access your live instructor experience from anywhere.
  • Voice, text chat – with instructors and/or fellow students – Your choice.
  • Best of the best instructors, national “Rock Stars” who specialize in your technology.
  • Fully integrated environments allow creative exploration of technologies.
  • Subject-matter experts (SBE’s) now available regardless of geography.
  • Collaborate best practices, ideas from multiple industries and geographies, all in real-time.
  • Leveraging the internet allows us to have most vibrant schedule in the country.
  • Small class sizes guarantees individualized attention of each learner.
  • Every class listed for UW is Guaranteed-to-Run, meaning no more cancelled classes EVER!
  • All you need is a good web connection, we will provide everything else! (Or you can visit our Learning Center, and enjoy triple monitor stations, semi-private learning areas, AND hot, fresh cookies baked every afternoon!)

We not only deliver a great experience, but we reinforce what you learn as well. For 6 months after your class, you have:

  • Access to your “sandbox” of virtual technology.
  • (Try a problem/idea, clear it out, and try again! No harm to your network, no changes to data!)
  • Access to YOUR personal class recordings, indexed by the instructor for maximum benefit.
  • Access to your edited courseware via any web-enabled device.
  • Ability to attend another live class, at a date of your choosing at no cost.

If you have ANY questions about this innovative learning method, please contact Anne Riley, and we can provide more information, or schedule a live demonstration, so you can see for yourself why this is a better way to learn.

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New Horizons is an Authorized Training Partner for Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, CompTIA, VMware and Adobe